PPS Health Services offers integrative and responsive Medical Case Management to guide patients through successful recovery, minimize medical costs, and improve overall health and wellness.

PPS Health Services provides a level of clinical expertise to claims management to resolve issues surrounding complicated medical cases and catastrophic illnesses. Our team of nurses and case managers support and navigate patients through the healthcare system.

Our Team

Our clinical team is led by licensed nurses fully credentialed in case management. We follow nationally recognized medical guidelines implemented to drive evidence-based decisions for care. A medical director is available to advise on appropriate treatment.

PPS uses five components to drive patient-centered care: Advocacy, Communication, Service Facilitation, Education, and Community Resources.

Disability Management

PPS Health Services simplifies the communication and reporting process so that you can focus on what you do best. We work with companies to identify the most appropriate and effective avenues for communication, return-to-work strategies, and medical cost-containment.

Maternity Management

The maternity management program provides access to educational information as well as to a maternity nurse case manager for support that will assist pregnant women in making good decisions for a healthier lifestyle that benefits both herself and her baby. The program is designed to help empower the mother-to-be to take part in decision-making regarding her medical care.

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