We provide consistent, quality oversight of medical care and utilization.

PPS Health Services provides clinical intervention to complement existing claims management processes. Our strategies revolve around comprehensive oversight of medical care and necessity, while quickly and efficiently resolving any expenses related to a claim or employee absence.

Who We Are

We are multi-state, registered nurses certified in case management. As a member of Paramount Preferred Solutions, we provide comprehensive medical case management services. Our team is comprised of seasoned clinicians and administrators with extensive insight and experience within a variety of healthcare fields from out-patient care to hospital systems and intensive care.

Our core objectives:

  • Deliver exceptional care coordination while promoting cost-effective outcomes;
  • Advise patients and associated parties on appropriate utilization of healthcare resources;
  • Provide patients with meaningful, motivational one-on-one guidance on available healthcare options;
  • Support patients by helping them to establish overall health goals and feel empowered as an active member of their own healthcare plan; and
  • Identify instrumental, timely healthcare resources for improved access to prevention and treatment options.

The PPS Health Services team of nurse case managers has direct access to a medical director as well as a number of national specialists. This ensures our clients and our team of nurse case managers are supported with higher level oversight and resources to best determine the care and guidance required for specifically challenging cases.

Our team of clinicians carry the following credentials:

  • Registered Nurse (RN)
  • Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)
  • Certified Case Manager (CCM)

Nationally Recognized Guidelines

Our nurse case managers utilize nationally recognized evidence-based guidelines to guide our practice and ensure consistent, quality oversight.

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